One thought on “Pilotless drone.

  1. Nutcase? I think this man is somehow connected to the news or PR business. Perhaps a former employee of the Chron or the old Examiner. In fact, his voice sounds familiar. Perhaps it was a plant by the Chron itself, maybe a friend of the “Mr. Howe,” who is mentioned in the call. Why did the Chron wait until this month to post an Aug. 29 call? What is wrong with them anyway. Don’t they know anything? Can’t they respond to their reader complaints in less than six months? Arrogant, that’s what they are. Arrogant, arrogrant, arrogant, arrogant. Some sort of perverted elitism. No wonder Sharon Stone dumped Braunstein. Arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant.

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