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Spammers, please adjust your scripts.

To the comment spammers hitting my haiku site: There is something buggy with one of your scripts. I keep getting these comments that contain nothing but a bogus email address and a single word:


Now, come on. You call this comment spam? Not even a link to a phentermine or Cialis site? No keywords touting hotels in Brussels or Miami? The only excuse I can think of for such a weak-ass attempt at comment spam is that one of your scripts is broken. Instead of inserting values selected from an array of potential spam comments and links, your script is just outputting the word “Array.” Most likely your script is missing a quotation mark, or maybe a semicolon somewhere. Maybe you forgot to put in a dollar sign before the name of a variable. Or perhaps you forgot to load the array with data from your paying customers. Whatever. It’s embarrassing to watch, really. You can do better than that.


  1. You Mon Tsang

    Array this Dyl@n:
    * Ci@lis
    * Vi@gr@
    * Sm&ll C@p St0c& #ip

  2. Dylan

    Oh yeah?

    echo “boxxet.com” >> blacklist.txt


  3. India

    Hey, I just got my first “Array” spam! How exciting!

  4. Dylan

    Oh boy, the incompetent spammers are spreading. Sheesh. These guys are not only obnoxious, they’re pathetic.

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