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Month: January 2007 (page 1 of 6)


Crazy, but it looks strangely fun to ride: Ultimate Hybridhyperbike

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Spammers, please adjust your scripts.

To the comment spammers hitting my haiku site: There is something buggy with one of your scripts. I keep getting these comments that contain nothing but a bogus email address and a single word:


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What happened to iTunes?

iTunes 7 logoGenerally, Apple does software reasonably well. The company understands that the user experience doesn’t end with the plastic and the circuits, but also encompasses the on-screen interface, the dialog boxes, and even the fonts used in its applications.

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Wikipedia color swatches.

Somebody has spent a lot of time putting hex codes and swatches for every imaginable color into wikipedia, along with links to related color entries. This is actually useful. Some examples: safety orangechartreuseecru – but not, alas, Pantone 292

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How to hack the government.

Carl Malamud explains 10 tricks for making government work for you. Mostly practical, a few idealistic: Internet Archive: Details: Hack 1: Be Media (Internet Governance in a Nutshell)

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