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Month: June 2006 (Page 4 of 4)

Bake Shop Ghost.

The Bake Shop GhostThe Bake Shop Ghost, by Jacqueline K. Ogburn and Marjorie A. Priceman (Illustrator). Best new kid’s book I’ve seen this year–and I can say that despite having read it aloud at least 40 times over the past two months. The pictures are excellent, the story is original, and the hero triumphs by being clever, determined, understanding, and by using the library.… Read the rest

Four PCs for your home theater.

Adding a computer to your home theater no longer means crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. In the latest issue of WIRED, I review 4 PCs that handle video and audio with aplomb, and even play saved movies while burning DVDs, thanks to the powerful Intel chips inside.… Read the rest

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