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Month: June 2006 (Page 3 of 4)

I’m the luckiest guy.

69 Love Songs album coverClara’s latest obsession is the Magnetic Fields song “The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side,” which also happens to be my favorite. She heard the very beginning of it yesterday, just as I was switching it off, and demanded to hear the whole thing.… Read the rest

5 problems with “net neutrality.”

1. It’s a complicated issue. A really complicated technical issue. The simplistic rhetoric of “demanding that ISPs treat all traffic equally” is a nonstarter, because ISPs have never done that. Peering arrangements, cacheing networks like Akamai, even the fact that you can get slow DSL for an average of $38/month or faster cable service for $41 or a really fast T1 for $250 all point to tons of variation in the way that Net traffic is handled, charged for, optimized, and delivered.… Read the rest

Princeton Tec Scout headlamp.

Princeton Tec Scout 2 LEDPrinceton Tec’s Scout headlamp ($22) has 2 white LEDs and three brightness settings: bright, very bright, and blinding. It’s easily the most powerful LED headlamp I’ve tested. The plastic clip on the back holds the light to a hat brim nicely, but it broke off when I tried to wedge it around a particularly fat object (my bike’s handlebars).… Read the rest

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