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Month: February 2006 (page 2 of 3)

Technorati exodus.

Maybe all these folks are leaving technorati because the site sucks, and they couldn’t fix it. Valleywag: Jason DeFillippo walks out Technorati’s door with Niall Kennedy

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Another iPod request.

Dear Steve Jobs:

Next time you update the iPod and iTunes, can you please make the music styles listed in the equalization settings the same as the default music styles listed in the “Genre” field for each song? That way my iPod could automatically adjust the EQ based on the genre of each song.… Read the rest

Girls Crushing Cars

Recycling … and screaming bikini girls. Girls Crushing Cars (via Grist)

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Dragon running.

dragon headFrom underneath the dragon, the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco is a fast, loud, and exciting event. Children scream and reach their hands up for the lower edge of the dragon as we sweep it over their heads. Keeping up with the runner in front of you takes concentration.… Read the rest

Blog Buzz on High-Tech Start-Ups Causes Some Static

Poor bloggers… the instant they stand to make a lousy buck from their blogs, the WSJ jumps all over them. WSJ.com – Blog Buzz on High-Tech Start-Ups Causes Some Static

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Electra Bikes

Cool “crank-forward” bikes (supposedly more comfortable, slightly reclined ride): Electra (via Wired News)

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Podfading Takes Its Toll

News flash! Podcasting is time-consuming, not financially rewarding: Wired News: Podfading Takes Its Toll

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Evils of PowerPoint.

PowerPoint really is evil.

darth vader gives a presentation

(from Presentation Zen, via Zawodny)

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MakeZine.com: Maker Faire

Coming to my neighborhood, April 22-23: DIY geeks! MakeZine.com: Maker Faire

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Need a list manager.

I’ve temporarily put my haiku site, tinywords, on hold. (Apology here.) During the break, I’d like to fix some nagging technical issues with the site. Top of the list: Find a mailing list manager to replace Mailman. I’m looking for suggestions.… Read the rest

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