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Month: July 2005 (Page 1 of 2)

Tiger Telematics Gizmondo

Behold the Gizmondo!Rocky Balboa. The Jamaican bobsled team. Ross Perot. We can’t help but love our scrappy, endearing underdogs. OK, maybe not Ross Perot. But definitely the Gizmondo.

With a gaming market utterly dominated by the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS, the odds of an independent console making it are slim at best.… Read the rest

Fujifilm FinePix F10

FujiFilm FinePix F10Even gadget-heads like us occasionally get tired of fiddling with dials, knobs, and buttons to get our devices working right. Sometimes, in the sleepy, alcohol-infused predawn hours, we just want to snap a picture of our new Reno friends without having to worry about whether we’ve picked the right white balance setting or adjusted the freakin’ autofocus properly.… Read the rest

Mobile Game Hall of Fame.

SimonThis was a really fun story to work on: Mobile magazine’s list of the top 50 portable video games of all time. Read it in the August issue, or online.

“Don’t know much about history? It’s probably because you spent your time dodging little red blips on a handheld football game instead of reading pages 179 to 193 in your Western Civ textbook, you feckless dingbat.… Read the rest

New mobile phone & number.

I got a new cell phone today — the amazingly badass black Razr. Since Cingular follows the usual cell phone industry practice of offering the worst deals to their loyal customers, I didn’t renew my contract with them — we found a new-customer deal that was far, far better.… Read the rest

Appalachian Radio.

WMMT in Whitesburg, Kentucky, broadcasts a good mix of country, bluegrass, and old-time banjo music from the heart of Appalachia. They’ve got a live Internet stream you can listen to right now. And they’re looking for money to replace decrepit transmitters and repeaters, so they can stay on the air.… Read the rest

Language is a virus.

Say you’re a Dadaist poet, but you’re tired of slicing up ribbons of newspaper to make your random poetry. You might stop by this web page where the computer can do the cut-ups for you, based on any text of your choosing.… Read the rest

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