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Month: November 2002 (page 1 of 6)

So long, weekends.

Ephraim Schwartz notices that mobile technology isn’t exactly giving us more free time. Glenn Fleishmann follows up with with this rueful reflection on the erosion of personal time. My grandparents’ generation fought tooth and nail to win a 40-hour workweek.… Read the rest

Bollywood Spiderman.

Xeni Jardin cracks me up. First she wonders, What if Spiderman had been a Bollywood epic? The result: Dancing Spidey. She adds that the cardinal rule of Bollywood filmmaking is “more is better.” Put in a few Japanese anime characters, and you get this.… Read the rest

Watching you.

DARPA’s Information Awareness Office has a really creepy logo: a pyramid surmounted by a floating eye, which is shining a beam of light onto the Earth. Now that the Homeland Security Act has been signed into law, these guys are going to town, and $243 million has already been earmarked for the office’s snoopy “Total Information Awareness” project.… Read the rest

Librarian activists.

Librarians in Washington: Kicking butt and taking names.

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What would Jesus shoot?

Hartford, Conn., Nov. 25– A militia of handgun-toting representatives of religious groups trying to get major gun manufacturers to build smaller guns stopped at Colt Manufacturing headquarters today. Their bumper stickers asked: “What would Jesus shoot?”

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