Hartford, Conn., Nov. 25– A militia of handgun-toting representatives of religious groups trying to get major gun manufacturers to build smaller guns stopped at Colt Manufacturing headquarters today. Their bumper stickers asked: “What would Jesus shoot?”

Religious leaders allied with the NRA say it’s unlikely it would be a .45 caliber handgun or an excessively powerful automatic weapon. “The Risen Lord Jesus is concerned about the kinds of guns we shoot because they affect his people and his creation,” the group said. The group advocates using smaller, less powerful weapons, such as .22 hunting rifles and Saturday Night Specials, which, although deadly, are not quite as deadly as machine guns.

The network is raising funds by selling “What would Jesus shoot?” bumper stickers, which people can stick next to the flag decals on their cars in order to feel morally justified with a minimum of effort.

OK, I made that up. The actual story is here.