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Wake me up when the iPhone 42 comes out

Here we go again. The clouds part, and another iPhone descends from the heavens. What mystical secrets will be written on the device’s extra-large, 640-by-1,136-pixel Retina display? Will there be earthshaking new features? Will it contain the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything? Not likely. Apple has entered a new phase […]

It’s not the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S looks pretty amazing

Apple fans who expected an iPhone 5 today were disappointed. Instead, all Apple unveiled was a phone that’s 2 times faster, with 7 times faster graphics rendering. It’s got a battery that’s good for a full day of talking, almost, and more than 3 solid days of listening to music. The camera is substantially improved, […]

First iPhone in space to launch with last shuttle mission

  When the final space shuttle mission launches later this year, two iPhone 4s will be on board. The iPhones will be running an experimental app called SpaceLab for iOS, designed by Odyssey Space Research. Once the space shuttle Atlantis docks with the International Space Station, crew members will use the iPhones to conduct four […]

Reports: Verizon iPhone Likely Coming Jan. 11

U.S. iPhone users frustrated with AT&T’s frequently dropped calls, limited geographic coverage, delayed delivery of iPhone tethering, elimination of unlimited data plans, poor customer service, and alleged cooperation with warrantless wiretapping by the NSA may soon have an alternative.* Verizon yesterday sent out invitations to a Tuesday, Jan. 11 press event in New York. Many believe that this event will be the […]

Minscul Mini

Minscul Mini, originally uploaded by dtweney. Neatly sidestepping any debates about spelling.

Siri Launches Voice-Powered iPhone ‘Assistant’ | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

A new app invites you to command your iPhone in the same way that Captain Kirk addressed the Enterprise’s computer. Siri’s visual interface displays a transcription of what you say, then hands the data off to an appropriate web service or search engine. Siri, an artificial intelligence-based voice-recognition startup, launched an iPhone app incorporating its […]

Blind photographers

Brian X. Chen wrote a moving story about how three professional photographers are continuing to pursue their art even though they’re almost totally blind. One of them went blind after he’d become a photographer, but has found a way to continue working using a Nokia N82 and an iPhone 3GS. This piece shows the potential […]