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Dylan’s Desk: Android hates me, and it doesn’t like you much, either

I’ve come to the conclusion that my Android phone hates me.

It probably hates you, too.

The breaking point came today when I tried to use my phone to Google the word “Edsel.” Instead of delivering the answer, my phone — a cheap LG model from Virgin Mobile — spontaneously rebooted itself.… Read the rest

TouchType uses the entire internet to upgrade its Android keyboard



To upgrade its Android keyboard, TouchType Ltd. drew on the combined linguistic intelligence of the entire online universe.

“We made a copy of the internet,” chief marketing officer Joe Braidwood told VentureBeat.

SwiftKey X, the latest version of the company’s keyboard for Android handsets and tablets, is just an app.… Read the rest

Petite Android Seeks Partner for Adventure, Beer

While other phones are going large, Motorola is taking things in a different direction: small and tough.

The new Motorola Defy is a compact Android phone that wisely eschews the gigantism of other smartphones. Instead of the HTC Evo’s 4.3-inch screen or the Dell Streak’s 5-incher (please!),… Read the rest

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