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True development is in harmony with the needs of people and the rhythms of the natural world. Humans are part of the universe, not its masters. This awareness of the interrelatedness of all things, as expressed in Buddhism, is also lived in the traditions of indigenous peoples throughout the world.

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Annie Dillard writes about looking for “the tree with lights in it,” which is a reference to being able to notice a direct perception of the world in all its overwhelming, unfiltered presence. I thought of that when I saw this tree with the sun in it.… Read the rest

The frontline communities that I worked in in Detroit, they can’t go outside because the fumes are too strong. But that same neighborhood, a cop could run up and shoot them. They’re not experiencing these problems separately. And so when you think about it in that way, police violence is another environmental factor that makes the places, the physical environment that Black and Brown communities live in, unsafe and unjust.

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