if you're bored, you're not paying attention

If you’re bored…

“If you’re bored, you’re not paying attention” has been the motto on my blog for at least a couple of years.

I’m not sure where the phrase came from, but to me it’s a statement that there is always something interesting going on, if you are simply willing to take an interest, open your eyes, and pay attention to what’s going on around you.

It’s a life philosophy. It’s probably also related to my reasons for being a journalist. And it’s a good way to learn new things and re-engage when everything seems slow.

Not everyone shares that view, apparently.

To be bored by the tech world this year is to have been bored by Google Glass, self-driving cars, limitless storage and music becoming available to all, the beginnings of an epic shift in the trillion-dollar enterprise market’s center of gravity, the rise of life-changing 3D printing technologies, at least one record-setting IPO, revolutionary changes in chip design, new game consoles, the sudden proliferation of excellent non-iPad tablets, a few entertaining gloves-off courtroom brawls, rockets to Mars, private rockets to the ISS, the revitalization of greentech, a hugely botched multibillion-dollar acquisition, a revolving door of CEOs at Yahoo, the public crashing and burning of at least two overfunded startups headed by celebrity entrepreneurs, and the SWAT-team-like arrest of a German business tycoon, amateur rapper, and alleged content pirate in New Zealand.

Just to name a few things that I didn’t find particularly boring.


  1. thejadedfox

    Thanks Dylan, not enough people see that we are living in the future we dreamed about as kids!  It’s a THRILLING time to be alive, and in the next twenty years we may even see star trek style replicators coming out of the 3D printers just starting today.  That would change *everything*

  2. David Krug

    What Arrington meant to say was he’s bored because he’s no longer the center of attention in Silicon Valley… and the world has gotten along just fine without him. 

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