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Month: January 2012

Dylan’s Desk: It’s the season for Monday-morning quarterbacking

As the San Francisco 49ers fumbled their shot at a Superbowl appearance on Sunday, you could almost hear the Monday-morning quarterbacks warming up their complaints.

It’s no different in Silicon Valley, where the competitive sport is tech business instead of slamming heads together.… Read the rest

Dylan’s Desk: Saddle your horses and fire up the 3D printer

MakerBot from Venturebeat on Vimeo.

Is there anything more American than a robot that can create anything you want out of a spool of plastic and some electricity?

It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that 3D printers offer levels of Jeffersonian self-reliance that our founding fathers only dreamed of.… Read the rest

Dylan’s Desk: 6 must-watch trends for 2012

I wrote this column sitting on a floor in a hallway of a big Vegas hotel, the Venetian, as members of the press and bloggers swarmed past me en route to one press conference or another. It was my seventh year covering the Consumer Electronics Show, a huge tradeshow that is both an endurance test and a massive festival of gadgetry and technological optimism.… Read the rest

Dylan’s Desk: The most revolutionary products you’ll see in 2012 (video)

Anyone can pick most interesting phones of 2011, but it takes real foolhardiness to predict the most revolutionary products of the coming year.

Call me a fool. I’m placing bets on these five products that will revolutionize technology in 2012.

I made these predictions recently in a TV segment on Bloomberg West with host John Erlichman.… Read the rest

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