Research in Motion announced this morning that it acquired Swedish interface design firm TAT, whose initials stand for The Astonishing Tribe.

RIM clearly plans to use the Swedes’ talent to beef up future versions of the BlackBerry user interface, which despite the addition of touchscreen tech in the last year still seems clunky and quaint compared to iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. That could make future BlackBerry phones — not to mention the upcoming Playbook tablet — a whole lot more exciting.

That got us wondering: What might the future, TAT-enhanced BlackBerry UI look like?

We have no idea, but if these concept videos produced by TAT are any indication, we’re guessing your next BlackBerry might have:

* A touch- and motion-sensitive UI that reponds to your body’s movement as well as your fingers on the screen

* Eye-tracking technology to provide enhanced 3-D effects

* A slicker, easier-to-manage interface for switching between multiple apps

* Eye-popping 2-D and 3-D visuals

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