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Month: April 2010

Ledes for the ages.

From 1925:

The pens and tongues of contumely were arrested. Mocking mouths were shut. Even righteous protestation hushed its clamor, as when, having striven manfully in single combat, a high-helmed champion is stricken by Jove’s bolt and the two snarling armies stand at sudden gaze, astonished and bereft a moment of their rancor.

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Will It Blend? iPad Edition

Does it blend? Yes, but first you need to smash the screen and bend the thing in half so it will fit into the blender.

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The iPad Is (Just) Television 2.0

The iPad has touched a nerve in the geek community.

Judging by comments on Wired.com and elsewhere, many people are outraged that Apple would try to foist a less-capable, dumbed-down device on an unsuspecting public. Thanks to clever marketing, these people point out, Apple has persuaded us to spend $500 and more for something that’s less capable and more restrictive than a netbook computer costing half as much.… Read the rest

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