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Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

The Sundance Channel has a show called “Big Ideas for a Small Planet.” Awhile back they interviewed me for that show, and now it appears that the episode — which is about “green gadgets” — is out.

It’s a $2 purchase in iTunes. It seems that they also put me in the free, 30-second preview that you can view in iTunes without actually purchasing the show. I’m saying something serious like “you never know where the next big idea is going to come from, so something that seems wacky today might turn into a really effective energy source.” That’s right after they show a person in a butterfly costume hopping along a series of electricity-generating tiles.

Maybe I have a future as a straight man?

Here’s the link to get the episode in iTunes: Big Ideas for a Small Planet – Gadgets

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  1. Magyar // Doug Ryan

    From the date above, seems all is ok.
    Concerned, we still visit TW… daily.
    > The oil man Pickens? I like his ‘energetic’ thoughts. <


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