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Month: May 2007 (page 1 of 2)

Book Review: Brazen Careerist Gives Advice on Hacking Corporate Culture

Penelope Trunk helped convince me to take my current job at Wired News, and it was great advice — I love my job. As my friend, her advice is supportive, sympathetic, frank, and cuts through the crap: Just what you wish all of your friends’ advice would be like.… Read the rest

Your computer is training you.

Mac OS X spinning beach ballGetting even simple things done with a slightly underpowered computer and a bunch of web-based applications means you spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting for TypePad to publish a post, waiting for Gmail to populate the screen with a list of the latest messages, waiting for an image to download so you can start editing it in Photoshop, waiting for Photoshop to launch.… Read the rest

An Atlas of the Universe.

As Bruce Sterling writes, this would be handy if you were lost about 6,000 light years out. It’s also very cool! An Atlas of the Universe

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I 8 NY.

The game looks lame, and the trailer is weak, but the phrase is awesome. I would totally buy a T-shirt that had a big, bold, Helvetica I 8 NY and a picture of Godzilla on it. In black. Dinohunters: I 8 NY Trailer

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I’m on Cranky Geeks.

I’ll be appearing on John C. Dvorak’s internet video show, Cranky Geeks, today at 12:30pm Pacific, together with my old Ziff Davis friends Sebastian Rupley and Cade Metz. With luck, I’ll get in a good rant or two about censorship, surveillance, and Tablet PCs.… Read the rest

Tiny meme.

I’ve started a little tiny meme. Look, isn’t it cute? fluffy piece of Digg bait

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Zebra pens.

It seems to be a law of ballpoint pens that the best ones inevitably disappear, leaving behind only inferior writing implements. Thus I have managed, over the past year, to lose three Fisher Space Pens (really the perfect all-purpose pocket pen) while the promising but ultimately disappointing Zebra Tele-scopic has somehow managed to remain in my pocket for months, obstinately not disappearing.… Read the rest

NASA’s $100 billion movie trailer.

NASA wants to pump you up: You Will Get Excited About Spending $100 Billion on a Lunar Program (yeah, I wrote that)

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Geeks and Suits Rub Shoulders at GigaOm Party

Om Malik and TheLadders.com CEO Mark Cenedella joined forces to throw a cocktail party at San Francisco’s Pier 38 Thursday evening. Was this a turning point for the boomlet of optimism and hope that has been tagged with the lame moniker of “web 2.0”?… Read the rest

I’ve been outed.

My coworker Kristen Philipkoski outed me as a Vogue subscriber. I only read it for the Jeffrey Steingarten columns, I swear.

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