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Content management system.

Content management system. n. A device for moving information from one computer to another computer by means of human manual labor.

(My current working definition.)


  1. thane

    Another definition might be “A method for adding bureaucracy to content generation.”

  2. India

    How about, “An automated method of stripping escaped entities (e.g., accented characters and selected punctuation) from marked-up text”?

  3. Dylan Tweney

    Ooh, I like both of those.

    One thing about our new CMS is that is strips tag *attributes* but not the tags themselves. So you could have, say <p style=”color:gray;”> and it would come out as just plain <p>. Nice eh?

  4. India

    Excellent! See, that saves you a lot of tedious coding work.

    Why is it so hard to build a CMS that’s at least as good as, say, Blogger circa 2002? Shouldn’t these wheels have been rounded off by now?

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