4 thoughts on “Content management system.

  1. thane says:

    Another definition might be “A method for adding bureaucracy to content generation.”

  2. How about, “An automated method of stripping escaped entities (e.g., accented characters and selected punctuation) from marked-up text”?

  3. Dylan Tweney says:

    Ooh, I like both of those.

    One thing about our new CMS is that is strips tag *attributes* but not the tags themselves. So you could have, say <p style=”color:gray;”> and it would come out as just plain <p>. Nice eh?

  4. Excellent! See, that saves you a lot of tedious coding work.

    Why is it so hard to build a CMS that’s at least as good as, say, Blogger circa 2002? Shouldn’t these wheels have been rounded off by now?

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