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CES 2007 highlights.

My very idiosyncratic list:

Scariest product: Security Spy Direct was demonstrating a combination flashlight/taser. As the brochure says: “Your opponent’s eyes will literally POP OUT OF HIS HEAD when you send 500,000 volts of stunning electrical power into his body with our stun guns.” Then you can have the satisfaction of stepping on his eyeballs and listening to them squish.

Most humiliating booth babe duty: The woman who was demonstrating a toilet with an extendable probe that sprays water up your ass. She didn’t have to sit on it, but she did have to talk about it — in a chirpy voice — while it sprayed water against the underside of a Saran wrap dam stretched over the bowl.

Most outrageous hotel room: John Chambers’ massive 4,000-square-foot suite at the top of the Venetian. (Think wood paneling. Multiple bars. Linen wallpaper. Piano. Japanese screens. Huge plasma TVs in every room.) Cisco hosted an event there Monday night. Obscenely nice.

Biggest coup: Brian Lam’s lunch date with Bill Gates. Together with Scoble, Ryan from Engadget, and a couple others. The bloggers have arrived.

toilet paper iPod dockOddest product: Atech’s iCarta: A toilet paper roll / iPod dock. OK, it’s not that new. But I’d never seen it before, and I laughed.

Most significant product: Apple’s iPhone. Oops, that wasn’t at CES.


  1. thane

    Don’t knock those spraying toilets. My Mom has one and it is very nice. Heated seat and everything.

  2. Dylan

    Ok, but do you really want to be the person demonstrating how it works to an audience of thousands of strangers?

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