Blogger out of beta.

Blogger spinnerYou’d think after 5 years and millions of users, Blogger would be sporting some significant improvements now that it’s finally out of beta. Unfortunately, what I notice most is what’s broken: My “BlogThis!” button no longer works. The site sometimes gets hung up on the “publishing” page (even though they bragged that I’d no longer see this at all). Comments seem hard to use. And overall it seems slower. What’s up with all that?

Blogger out of beta.

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  1. […] Gigantivity. Yahoo is already taking heat for its seeming inability to make coherent sense out of its zillions of products. Google is starting to stumble, with a botched Blogger upgrade, decreasing quality of search results, and even server slowdowns. Microsoft is launching an extremely risky upgrade to Office. At least one of these companies will apologize in 2007 for having made a serious product design mistake. […]

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