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Literary spam.

I love the high, faux-literary tone of this spam message I received today. Its content is essentially the same as many Nigerian wire fraud scams … but the language is awfully high-flown. Where do they come up with this stuff?

From: Lady Catherine Levett,
4 Old Church Street, Chelsea, SW3, England.

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Open source journalism.

At Wired, we’ve been experimenting with what we loosely call “open source journalism” in a variety of ways. What we’re learning is that there’s a fairly natural flow from quick blog posts to more fully-cooked news stories, and it works something like this.… Read the rest

My daughter’s on PBS!

My daughter and I will be on TV this week, 8pm local time Wednesday night (Nov. 14) on most PBS stations. That’s when our “GeekDad” segment will air, sometime during that night’s Wired Science program.

Wired Science is a collaboration between Wired (my employer) and KCET (a PBS station in LA).… Read the rest

Artist’s NSFW Creations Envision Robot Sex

Link: Artist’s NSFW Creations Envision Robot Sex

Link broken? Try the Wayback Machine.

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The ‘Most Hated Man’ in the Tech Business Gets PWNED

Bill Lerach, the securities lawyer whom WIRED magazine called a “bloodsucking scumbag” in 1996, has finally met his match. Lerach is set to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy involving his former law firm, Milberg Weiss, the Wall Street Journal reports (subscription required).… Read the rest

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