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Flood maps.

flood map screenshotThis interactive Google Maps mashup shows how much different parts of the world will get flooded by a 1-7 1-14 meter rise in sea level. Navigate to the part you’re interested in and tell the app how much to raise the ocean, and a blue overlay covers up the parts that will get inundated. Scary.

Flood Maps

There’s a disclaimer by the mashup’s developer which states that this map isn’t necessarily very accurate, and takes no account of tidal changes (obviously an important detail).

Another flood zone map, which is less Web 2.0-ish but perhaps more accurate, puts flooded zones in red: Climate Change and Sea Level (from the University of Arizona).


  1. Alex Tingle

    Hi, I’m the flood maps developer. Thanks for blogging me. May I just clear up a couple of inaccuracies?

    Firstly ‘Flood Maps’ covers 1-14m of sea level rise, not 1-7m.

    Secondly, I don’t think the University of Arizona maps are much more reliable than mine. They don’t take tides or coastal defenses into account either: Here are their techincal details.

  2. Dylan

    Alex! Thanks for the flood maps. And thanks for the quick correction.

    I have no basis for assuming that U. of Arizona’s maps are more accurate, though that app seems to be built on standard GIS datasets instead of Google Maps and the NASA survey. Does it mean its more accurate because it’s been built by geoscience guys? Perhaps. Perhaps not. For my part of the world its scenarios track pretty closely with yours — and that’s as far as my analysis can go.

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