Free Speech Zone T-shirt
Ever notice those “Free Speech Zones” that the authorities put up outside political conventions, trade summits, embassies, and basically anywhere else someone might feel like expressing an opinion? What’s up with that? Last I checked, the whole country was supposed to be a “free speech zone.” They think they can put some chainlink around a little square of asphalt and tell us we’ve got the “right” to express ourselves inside that tiny box but not anywhere else? I don’t think so!

The Constitution of the United States gives you, me, and everyone else the right to Free Speech — everywhere, not just where the local authorities designate. So I thought: let’s put the words “Free Speech Zone” on a T-shirt, as a reminder that wherever you go, you’re free to speak. I’ve been daydreaming about this shirt for years, and I finally created it this weekend. So here it is: The Free Speech Zone T-Shirt.

It’s available in patriotic, star-spangled red white and blue. There’s also a women’s Free Speech T-shirt as well as a long-sleeve Free Speech T in solid white lettering. Go on, buy one and sport your love of the Constitution! You know you want to!