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Marie Antoinette.

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette The problem with Marie Antoinette is that it ends before the title character is executed. After watching that much profligate waste for two hours, I could understand the peasants’ rage perfectly. And by waste, I don’t just mean the French court’s–I mean Sofia Coppola’s. What a way to blow a bunch of money, costumes, time, and talent. My takeaway: Rich heiresses are all the same, whether they’re negotiating Versailles or swanning around Napa Valley. (Though I agree with the quirky group blog Clusterflock, from whom I stole this image, that Kirsten Dunst is lovely.)

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  1. Dylan

    KJ suggests that we would have enjoyed playing with the Marie Antoinette Action Figure after watching this movie:


    Yes indeed!

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