Comebacks for adoptive parents.

One of the minor irritations of being an adoptive parent is the probing, too-personal questions that strangers feel like they’re entitled to ask you. I usually find these questions easy to deflect, but some parents get really upset by them.

So, if you’re an adoptive parent and you get angered by these kinds of questions, here are some things you might say back to people who did not adopt their kids. Don’t blame me if they blow up in your face, though.

  • So, you had a baby the natural way? Did you have to have sex a lot before you got pregnant?
  • What kind of sex did you have when you got pregnant?
  • Do you know the father? Are you sure?
  • Did you take drugs during your pregnancy?
  • You had a baby! Oh, that’s so great. I think it’s just wonderful when people decide to carry on their genetic line. Good for you.
  • Your baby is so lucky that you decided to keep her.
  • How much did it cost?
  • So, I guess you didn’t qualify to adopt a child?
Comebacks for adoptive parents.

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