I love the loud jazzy text-movies of Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, which has been around for a few years and continues to produce funny, engaging new works in the same vein. Granted, their use of Flash technology doesn’t sound like a recipe for entertainment: words flash on-screen in stark black and white, always with the same Monaco typeface, accompanied by an intense jazz accompaniment. There’s no interactivity. You just watch, and listen, and over the course of each 3-5 minute piece you absorb the text of a poem, or something much like a poem. But it works. Some examples: Dakota is angry, violent, and brilliant (and a bit of a tribute to Ezra Pound ); Samsung relentlessly mocks corporate branding; even YCHI’s Urgent Request makes begging for PayPal donations (something I’m not above doing) into an art. Most pieces have versions in Korean, English, and in other languages. Amazingly absorbing.