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Month: August 2006 (page 2 of 2)

Computers Makers Reach 10-Year High In Customer Satisfaction

Apart from the whole exploding batteries problem, that is: Computers Makers Reach 10-Year High In Customer Satisfaction – Yahoo! News

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Islamic fascists?

Ordinarily I hate Bush’s turns of phrase, but in this case, I think “Islamic fascists” is probably just about accurate. First time I’ve seen that phrase used… SFGate: Thwarted plot involved 10 jets

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SMS: 3x the info for 1/3 the cost of 411.

411 directory assistance calls are one of the biggest ripoffs of the mobile phone world: they cost between $1.20 and $1.75 per call, plus airtime charges. In contrast, a service like Google SMS will cost you at most 20-50 cents in text messaging charges — and you can get 3 listings per request instead of just one.… Read the rest

Fighting for Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom

This is so dorky that it can only have been created by some big telecom company in an effort to discredit Net Neutrality completely: WeAreTheWeb.org (thanks, Null)

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Rhetorical bending.

Just for fun I thought I’d make a list of paired words and phrases that exhibit obvious (and opposing) rhetorical slants:

global warming – climate crisis

illegal alien – undocumented worker

low budget – lean

liberal – progressive

muckraker – investigative reporter

blogger – citizen journalist

mainstream media – mass media

intellectual property – my ideas

long tail – niche markets

guerrilla marketing – opportunistic publicity

reducing overhead – firing people

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PCMag’s new face.

PCMag.com (my employer) got a much-needed, long-overdue facelift today: PCMag.com

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Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting Tips: Introduction

Great collection of tips for urban bicycle riders: Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting Tips: Introduction (thanks, Jeremy)

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The Boy Who Sees with Sound : People.com

Blind since age 3, this kid taught himself to see using echolocation … which is sensitive enough that he can tell the difference between a car and a pickup truck: The Boy Who Sees with Sound : People.com (via Scot)

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Pop vs soda

Another Ohio item: Where I come from is, it turns out, deep in the heart of “pop” country. Where I live now is “soda” land. No wonder I feel so alienated sometimes. (via Mark)

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deep cleveland junkmail oracle

deep cleveland books is the keeper of the flame for beat poet d.a. levy and home of the Cleveland-centric e-zine, the deep cleveland junkmail oracle. Yes, there is intelligent life in Ohio!

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