YouTube number one?

Guess again: The #1 video sharing site is Yahoo Video, followed by MySpace Videos, with YouTube in the #3 spot. That’s according to numbers from MediaMetrix published by Erick Schonfeld.

Of course, with 16.1 million monthly visitors to Yahoo’s 21.1 million, YouTube is not far behind at all — and it’s got famously fast growth.

On the other hand, Yahoo has, shall we say, a bit more mature of a business model. And has anyone else noticed slowdowns and sluggishness on YouTube? If they’re really pushing 200TB/day (or perhaps the more realistic 2.4TB/day) it would not be surprising to see that they were filling up their pipes occasionally.

YouTube number one?

4 thoughts on “YouTube number one?

  1. I think that it all comes down to what content is allowed. The question is “Does Yahoo have lower standards of content and allow content that appeals to adolescent teenagers”?

  2. Lets just put it this way….

    If you type “hardcore” into you get gym, sports, music, Autos & Vehicles and Comedy; family stuff.

    Don’t “hardcore” into if are looking for family stuff.

    That is why is more popular.

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