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Month: July 2006 (page 1 of 4)

Who’s wagging the long tail?

The “long tail” is digerati shorthand for the the increasing profitability of companies’ backlists–the formerly neglected niche products that used to be kept in stock just in case one of them suddenly turned into a breakout hit, or because they were simply necessary to have a fully-stocked store.… Read the rest

Google AdSense vs. AdBrite.

AdBriteAdSenseJust for kicks, and because AdBrite has such cute branding, I decided to check out its advertising network. I’ve been using Google AdSense for awhile (and just got my first $100 check from it last month, woo hoo) but I’m open to alternatives, especially if they stand a chance of making me a little dough.… Read the rest

My haiku in Heron’s Nest.

Calder sculpture;
a single brown leaf tumbling
from the sky

published in The Heron’s Nest VIII.2, June 2006

This is my first published haiku outside of tinywords.

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When I was a kid, the more gears your bike had, the cooler it was. Yet San Francisco is just crawling with single-speed bikes. On closer inspection, I found that many of these bikes don’t even have coaster brakes–they’ve got direct-drive chains.… Read the rest

Singing Science Records

I’m definitely adding some of these tunes to the “some day learn to play on ukelele” list. I love the Miro-like album covers too: Singing Science Records

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