Now I can let you know what I’ve been beavering away at for the past month. PCMagCast’s first Security & Mobility Virtual Tradeshow will be happening August 23 and 24, with a full lineup of presentations and other goodies on computer security and mobility for businesses.

We’re trying to replicate the best aspects of a tradeshow in online form: educational presentations, keynotes, virtual booths where you can download information and buttonhole vendor reps to harangue them about why they don’t support Firefox or when they’re going to make a Mac version. There are networking opportunities via text chat rooms. And yes, there are prizes you can win, too. Unfortunately, I can’t offer to buy you a drink online, nor are there virtual booth babes–but I’m working on both of those.

Take a look at the agenda to see the speakers and panelists I’ve lined up. And please do sign up for the show–it’s free, requires no travel, and should be very informative!