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Princeton Tec Scout headlamp.

Princeton Tec Scout 2 LEDPrinceton Tec’s Scout headlamp ($22) has 2 white LEDs and three brightness settings: bright, very bright, and blinding. It’s easily the most powerful LED headlamp I’ve tested. The plastic clip on the back holds the light to a hat brim nicely, but it broke off when I tried to wedge it around a particularly fat object (my bike’s handlebars). The stretchy headstrap still works, though, if I feel like turning myself into a bionic Bjorn Borg.

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  1. You Mon Tsang

    Love these things; I think I have 6 headlamps and my latest is LED and I use it as a booklight to read in bed while my wife is asleep.

    Besides hiking, riding, and spelunking, the booklight use is an underappreciated use. I’ve gone thru many booklights and they are all pretty poor. This one works.

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