Get blacklisted by Google in just one day!

Last week, my haiku site, tinywords, appeared as the 30th-40th result on a search for haiku on Google. This week, it’s not in the top 500. What happened?

I think Google is punishing me for mentioning the word “haiku” too many times in a previous post, which I admit I did in a fit of pique. Is this a permanent banishment, or have I just been sent to purgatory? Who knows? There’s no way I can find out, and the Great Oz is silent on the matter.

Sigh. You just can’t win with Google, folks.

UPDATE 3/30/06: It seems tinywords is back at #38 or 39. The disappearance was temporary. Thank goodness! I take back all the bad things I said about you, Google. I still like you.

Get blacklisted by Google in just one day!

4 thoughts on “Get blacklisted by Google in just one day!

  1. Thane pointed this out to me, and you seem to be at about the 35th result when I conduct that search, even from your link there. I guess it was a temporary glitch or something.

    Oh, but if Thane asks, tell him I fixed it for you — I’m trying to convince him that I have godlike powers over the internet… 🙂

  2. I see you around 30th or 40th place for [haiku], so I wouldn’t assume that you’d been blacklisted by Google. To be fair, that’s a pretty general term (lots of people have things like haiku generators, DeCSS in haiku form, and it’s evidently the name of an operating system too).

    For the search [daily haiku], I see you at #2, which is pretty good. You’re behind, but just ahead of USA Today’s daily haiku. In my professional opinion as a Google engineer, I’d say your site is probably doing okay.

  3. Hey, Matt, thanks for the professional opinion — I really appreciate that. And Tom, go ahead and take credit. Your godlike powers are clearly at work. Subject to the approval of actual Google engineers, of course.

  4. thane says:

    In defense of Tom’s godlike powers, he helped me bring the rank of our church’s new website above our church’s old web site. Whew!

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