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Headshot branding.

xeni cory malcolm sethXeni has her spiky platinum hair. Cory has his chunky black glasses. Malcolm has his, um, hair. Seth has his ears.

I feel like I’m missing a branding opportunity here. What to do: Shave my head? Bleach my hair and spike it up like I did in the 90s? Wear a huge bone through my nose? Your suggestions are welcome.


  1. I.

    Well, it won’t help with your headshot, unless you can attach a sound file, but I always think of your, uh, giggle as your trademark. That, or a Lowly Worm hat.

  2. You Mon Tsang

    Brainstorming here…

    How about a cheeky French beret?
    Silver racing stripes at the temple?

    No wait, haikus tattooed all over your arms, legs. neck, etc.

    I like this last one…

  3. Laura Blackwell

    A robot hat like your daughter’s. I mean, that’s too good an opportunity to miss.

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