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crazy rippled picture of Dylan

Putting a waterproof camera in a bathtub and then taking self-portraits with the camera submerged is a great way to make yourself look really FREAKY.


  1. Scot Hacker

    … and we’re back to our leitmotif: “It looks like computer graphics because our brains have been twisted to expect that anything visually improbable must be CG!”

  2. Dylan

    I suppose this *would* be an easy CG manipulation … in fact I’m pretty sure there’s a Photoshop filter that does exactly this. Somehow it’s more fun to dunk a camera in the bath and take shots, though — you never know exactly how those ripples will come out!

  3. You Mon Tsang

    My day was going pretty well. Figured I’ll see what you were up to.

    Now… not feeling as good.

  4. Steve Ross

    Wow, way too much time on your hands! But I like it!

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