Not much. She is the author/screenwriter of Bewitched and Sleepless in Seattle, after all, not an Internet expert. But for some reason, being a popular screenwriter of romantic comedies is enough to get you invited to internet conferences, and so there she was, looking around at a bunch of geeks last week at an unnamed conference. (It was not ETech, I know that much.) A video of Thomas Friedman had a starring role. But what Ephron lacks in technical chops, she makes up for in observational skills. She pegs a few things about conference life: The special uber-class of professional panelists, like Friedman. The endless self-congratulating, hyping atmosphere. And the tendency for the pundits to get everything wrong. Their last mistake: There’s no money in internet advertising. Their current mistake: We’ll all get rich on internet advertising.

She does drop in a nice definition of “content,” too: that which appears alongside the ads. A more concise and accurate definition I’ve never seen.
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