I’ve got not one, but two stories about search engines appearing today.

Here Comes a Google for Coders, on Wired News, talks about a startup search engine called Krugle, which will let programmers find source code and documentation online. Krugle debuted last week at Demo. My story adds some details about how Krugle works and its business model that haven’t been covered in the press yet, as far as I can tell. (Krugle’s chief blogger Chris Locke blogged the story with some nice comments here. Chris’s comment: “And he actually interviewed people! (Wow, a wrinkle like that could really catch on.)”)

And over on Technology Review, my story Google’s Private Lives investigates the “Share Across Computers” feature of the new Google Desktop 3. This feature lets you search for files on more than one computer–but in the process, it stores files on Google’s servers, rendering them vulnerable to secrete government subpoenas.

Update 2/17/06: My Krugle story got Slashdotted. The Krugle folks say it boosted their site to the #1 search on Technorati today. Amazing. Now let’s see what they do with their newfound fame: They’ve promised a lot, and what they have to do next is deliver.