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Another iPod request.

Dear Steve Jobs:

Next time you update the iPod and iTunes, can you please make the music styles listed in the equalization settings the same as the default music styles listed in the “Genre” field for each song? That way my iPod could automatically adjust the EQ based on the genre of each song. It would be a lot easier than going all the way up through the menus, then back down into the EQ section, then finding the appropriate setting and selecting it. By the time I finish doing all that the song is half over already. Honestly, Steve, the whole process reflects badly on your legendary obsession with good user experience. It’s as if two completely separate teams were designing those two parts of the iPod. What, your engineers don’t talk to each other? Anyway, you know how terrible AC/DC sounds on the “Jazz” EQ setting. Thanks.


Dylan Tweney

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  1. I.

    But what if what you’re listening to is an AC/DC-jazz mashup? Or, more pressingly, which EQ setting are you supposed to use for the Beastles mashups touted on BoingBoing the other day? Have you downloaded those? They utterly ROCK.

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