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Screening the Latest Bestseller.

My story on the Sony Reader and the e-book market is the lead story on Wired News this morning. Check it out!

Wired News: Screening the Latest Bestseller

image of Sony Reader

Electronic books have traditionally gone straight from the manufacturer to the remainders bin — but the market has never gone away entirely, despite years of tepid sales and failed predictions.

Now a new device from Sony is generating buzz worthy of a Stephen King novel. Some people are even wondering whether the Sony Reader might be just the ticket to kick the e-book market into high gear.

Scheduled to go on sale this spring for between $300 and $400, the Reader is a compact slab about the size of a small paperback book (5-by-7 inches, and a half-inch thick). But it’s the 3.5-by-4.8-inch display that made it the buzz of the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month in Las Vegas.

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  1. thane

    The only way I can see this taking off is if there are a lot of reference materials published for it. $300 for a recyclable paperback that will break if I drop it in a puddle is not very appealing. However, $300 for a searchable pocket copy of all of the Cisco manuals would have some appeal.

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