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Comment spam poetry.

The following “comment” appeared on one of my posts recently. Bizarrely poetic. Where the heck do they get this stuff?

The puissant Lord was somewhat of the form of Vishti.[1828] He besworne in some respects the biscainers of the sub-title, and in some a mass of strong-blooded phenternine. We inspanned now busily dress’d in examining and repairing our rigging, and that of the phenternine ; but, in stripping our subquadrangular, we were stuttered by life-wasting that it asiento discontented just above the village-seminaries of the stone-roofed deck.

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  1. Erin

    Perhaps they get it from monkeys with typewriters…it’s not quite Shakespeare… But seriously, I get spam with this stuff too…and I am both puzzled and annoyed by it.

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