by Clara (transcribed, and annotated, by a teacher at preschool)
diagram of preschool, by Clara

Once upon a time I rided a bike to school. Cause it is hard to get to school on the freeway cause there is traffic. Traffic is so you can’t get through. It never ever lets you. Traffic is cars and they make sure you don’t get to school and you don’t get any energy. Energy is so you can play. Adults use energy to make sure kids don’t get hurt. Riding a bike feels like we’re on a roller coaster. It feels like we’re on a train in the cars. My body moves both sides. My job is to hold on tight to my friends so they don’t fall. Stuffed friends. Daddy’s job is to pull all my straps so I don’t fall down.

My favorite thing about riding a bike to school is moving and going so fast. I like to play. You get to play when you get to school.

The End.