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Mobile no more.

Well, I should have lots more time for blogging now that my days won’t be taken up with the agonizing work of producing the world’s most entertaining, authoritative magazine on mobile technology. Yes, it’s true: Mobile magazine has folded. Despite having far better-written, more accurate, and better edited copy than the competition, despite having a respectably large monthly circulation, and despite selling nearly 40 pages of quite expensive ads every month, we somehow never managed to crawl out of the money pit we dug for ourselves in the early days. Or so they told me. I just wrangled words; somebody else blew all the money. Honest.

Look for our last issue (November’s) on newsstands in early October, god willing. As for me, I will be dusting off my work gloves and laying in to the plumbing, the walls, and the windows for awhile. Or maybe I’ll just go surfing. Meanwhile, look for my latest writings here. There’s some good stuff in there.


  1. Phil Gomes

    Wow… I’m sorry to hear this. For what it’s worth, I thought Mobile was an excellent magazine. The top-gadgets-of-all-time feature and the reader-inspired follow-up piece were definitely among the highlights.

    Who do we kidnap and torture about the business end of it?

    Best of luck.


  2. Gunnar

    Hi Dylan,

    sorry to hear about that. It’s curious to hear that a Mobile PC magazine is disappearing, especially as the mobile computing industry is actually doing quite well.

    I wish you the best for your future business.

    The MaxiVista Guy

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