perrey album cover For me, Disney’s Electrical Parade was the highlight of our visit there this past spring. It’s a long, trippy parade of illuminated vehicles and floats, some of which are covered with thousands of lights, which starts just about sundown and goes on for maybe 20 minutes. As it rolls slowly by in the dark, this bizarre, baroque, electronic music plays over and over again on the loudspeakers that surround you. The music is cheerful, repetitive, bizarre, and totally overtakes your brain, leaving you feeling spacey, stoned, and a bit out of your head. I loved it.

Today, thanks to BoingBoing, I discovered that the Electrical Parade’s music is a composition by Jean Jacques Perrey called Baroque Hoedown, who has posted an MP3 online. Outstanding!

Perry is having a record release party in SF on Thursday, co-sponsored by RE/Search. I’m sure that will be a strange event.