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Clara’s musical interests have shifted to Aretha Franklin — and now it’s “Respect” that she wants to hear, over and over again. “I want respect!” she says. Most of the time I’m able to bite my tongue, but once I couldn’t help myself: “Respect has to be earned, Clara.” Actually, I’m glad she’s demanding respect. And “Respect.”


  1. I.


    I guess it could be worse, though–she could develop a taste for, say, Philip Glass, or Nine Inch Nails, or the Grateful Dead.

  2. David Jensen

    Has she learned the words to it yet?

  3. Dylan Tweney

    I.: Nothing wrong with Aretha! She rocks, in my book. Much easier for me to listen to repeatedly than Aerosmith, actually.

    D: She’s started singing along with the “re re re” part!

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