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The best video games of all time.

cover of Analog #20, 1984According to the editors of Analog, circa 1984.

Lee H. Pappas: Star Raiders Commander Level: Star Commander Class I, no shields used the entire game, 54 Zylons destroyed. April 20th, 1984. That’s it, that’s all.

Twenty years from now, will people be laughing about Mobile just as much as we are laughing at Analog? God, I hope not. But I suspect they might be.


  1. Lee Papps

    No one will be laughing at Mobile because no one will care to remember it. The editors of ANALOG still receive emails (25 years later!) from around the globe from those who remember (fondly) the early days of home computers. And those connected with the magazine went on to develop 3D Studio Max, write games at Skywalker Ranch, work for James Cameron, Disney, etc. ANALOG was the first magazine to review games from EA, and worked with the top founders of the gaming industry such a Broderbund, Sierra On-Line, Sid Meir, and so on. I went on to publish eight other magazine titles, including PC LapTop magazine (1st issue 1989), which was later sold. When you speak the name ANALOG Computing, you speak a hallowed name. ☺ – Lee Pappas, founder and Editor or ANALOG Computing

  2. Dylan Tweney

    Lee, I don’t mean any disrespect for Analog — but you’ve got to admit, magazine journalism generally doesn’t date well!

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