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Are your all idiots.

One of the delights of running a free haiku site is getting angry, crazy, or just plain bizarre emails from people who feel that, for some reason, my web site is not living up to their expectations. Publish the wrong haiku, and some people will send profanity-laced invective. Skip a few days, and some people wig out completely. Case in point:


I have not received any: haiku-on@tinywords.com

NIL X 5,000000000000000000000000 ZILLION times.

Is your setup folding?

Then get me off your list, so I can subscribe elsewhere!

Are your all idiots who are all fucked up or having troubles with you rotten software!


Put your house in order.

With malice towards none, blessings and kindness towards all, idiots, gurus, savants, whiz kids, geniuses, Nobel prize laureates!

Your aficionado!

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  1. bob richardson

    since this is my first time, cough, i’ll follow the lead of the sample comments dft has provided.

    i’ve oftentimes wondered what others might be saying, the things that never reach the “response comment” pages.

    i have been puzzled time and time again by those who air sanctimony, however for all their grumbling, it is an ill fitting crown they wear, befitting the title of a pompous ass(es).

    seeing the “response id” count well into the 5000 range, my thoughts being, “surely, one or two are mine”, but where abide those other 5299.

    a confession i must make, tinywords has redefined some of my thought processing, while fortifying the remainder.

    over the course of the years i’ve read tinywords, some days i feel the wrath of a junkie when my daily infusion of “the day’s haiku” is missing. albeit, it has given me the opportunity to go back in time, time permitted to response to the haiku(s) printed before i came on board; and giving me the occasion to respond to a challenge(woody), if only from within.
    i would think others would take this same path, jumping at the chance to release their pent-up thoughts, feelings, and creativeness, rather than getting lost within their stagnant childish behaviors of complaining for complaint sake and/or other smug reasons.

    i’ve always welcomed the opinion of others, even that of a fool. within any tirade lodges the availability of measuring one’s self accurately.

    as i’ve mentioned before, even the masters had their critics, those who whined about any changes from the norm. overlooking the obvious of what gives the haiku continued life, exemplifying it’s origin, and preventing it from growing stale.

    dft has created something deserving of great praise, but it will be noted many failed to take the opportunity provided to take center stage and speak out to the masses.

    however, i fear, deep within, they are their worse critic, stifling any real growth that may lingers within their souls.

    to know how many travel to this site on a daily or weekly basis would be staggering, what better forum.

    i hesitate thinking what growth could rise from tinywords, and in the words of others “i knew of tinywords in it’s infancy”.

    i salute dft.

    this is simply my humble opinion

    ps: my curiousity abounds, where else might i leave a thought or two.

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