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Dennis Miller on the set of his showI had a great time on the Dennis Miller show yesterday, and I even got to meet Mowgli, the chimpanzee, on his last day working the show. While we were taping, I snapped Miller’s cheerful mug with the Treo 650 I was showing him. Details (and chimp pics!) over at Mobile PC.


  1. Scot Hacker

    Whoa! Way to go Dylan. Sorry I missed it. But haven’t seen TV for weeks, and don’t have cable anyway. Glad you had a good time. Miller’s looking mean these days.

  2. I.

    Wow, so does that mean you’re now like the animal handlers who used to make appearances on the Tonight Show? I didn’t get Johnny Carson at all as a kid (and would get him even less now, I’m sure), but my mom would always call me in when the animal people were on. Who doesn’t want to see all the weird animals?

    So now parents can call their kids in to watch you with, “Hey! Come quick! The gadget guy is on!”

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