Just realized that I’ve been writing this blog for 5 years — my first post was November 4, 1999, using Blogger — quite the novelty at the time. I blogged pretty regularly up until April 2000, then sporadically for the rest of that year (and, sadly, much of the archives from mid-late 2000 got lost at some point). In June 2002, I started blogging again, very lightly at first and then picking up speed later that year, and I haven’t missed a month since then.

By September 2002 I switched to Movable Type, where I remained until switching to WordPress this month. During that time I’ve had 4 or 5 different Web hosts. I also moved the URL of this blog’s home page (and RSS feeds) a few times, from www.tweney.com/weblog to www.tweney.com to dylan.tweney.com — and each time I moved, I lost readers; I wouldn’t recommend changing URLs to anyone now, if you can avoid it. But switching blog platforms or hosting providers doesn’t seem to make much difference.