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Download for Democracy.

Law student Thad Anderson has collected a bunch of government documents and made them available via P2P networks such as KaZaA and SoulSeek, through his Download for Democracy project. These documents are publicly available elsewhere, but they’re not always so easy to find.

As Kim Zetter’s Wired News story says, “his use of the networks to deliver the data counters the usual government and entertainment industry arguments that P2P networks have no value, apart from stealing copyright works.” Bingo. In fact, this is a powerful journalistic tool–especially in a time when mainstream journalists are so tame.

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  1. Thad

    Thanks for the link! Just writing to say that outragedmoderates.org is now offering a way for users to verify documents (md5sums). Check out the site for more. Also working on figuring out RSS feeds and Bit Torrent (why does it keep taking me to some guy’s personal site when I click on the icon?)


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