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MT to Blogger?

You can export your Blogger weblog and import it into Movable Type (and into many other weblog systems as well), but you can’t go in reverse: There’s no way to import entries into Blogger, as far as I can tell. What’s up with that? Now that Blogger has comments, and now that it’s got sufficient hardware and bandwidth to prevent the once-common usage slowdowns, I’m interested in moving this weblog back to Blogger (which I still use for my haiku blog). Besides, Blogger just has a simpler, cleaner, faster interface than MT (due to its relative lack of features–most of which I don’t use anyway). But there’s no way to do it, unless I want to strand my old posts and just start afresh. Evan, are you listening? Given the current wave of rampant dissatisfaction with MT, you could scoop up a lot of new users by offering a Blogger import feature.

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  1. I.

    Oh, but do you really want to switch to Blogger? I’ve kept using it, so far, but I still can’t say I really like it. The new interface is much better, but it’s still not flexible enough–and still crippled in Safari. The import/export thing is very lame, and the new comments are kind of stupidly implemented. Also, will we ever get categories? And search?

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